If you know where to look, you can find a lot of people on the internet talking about online sports betting sites. Google searches don’t always yield the results you’re looking for, so where can you go to find out information about betting trends, the best betting sites, and anything else about online sports betting?


Many different sites online will offer you the chance to join in on or just read the ongoing conversations about sports betting. One of the biggest sites that has a lot of commentary on this topic is If you haven’t heard of this site before, it’s a forum website where people go to discuss anything and everything with people all around the globe. This is a good place to start for online sports betting topics.


On Reddit you’ll find a lot of threads about all different online betting topics. There are some threads dealing with the most reliable/most popular betting sites for different places around the world including the US, UK, EU, and Australia. The site I personally recommend and use almost daily for years now is

You can get some good, personal information about what makes each site good or bad as well as the experience of other users on particular sites. This is an advantage if you’re looking for one specific characteristic, as you will be able to ask the others on the thread about how they found the site.

Another helpful line of conversation you’ll most likely find on Reddit is betting trends and sports picks released daily. If you’re looking for some tips about where to place your bets or who has a good chance of winning, these threads can help you answer those questions on different sports games every single day. If you trace the host of these threads, you might even find another online resource to draw from as you keep trying to improve your betting game by joining the online conversation!